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Prepare for the Christmas season

With useful tips and ideas, biblical reminders, and encouragement to view Christmas from a heavenly perspective, Celebrate Christmas covers a wide range of topics to help you prepare for the Christmas season, including:

  • Managing expectations
  • Dealing with in-laws/extended family
  • Offering hope for those who grieve at Christmas
  • Reducing (or avoiding!) holiday stressors
  • Finding ways to serve Jesus by serving others
  • And more

This Christmas season, spend time with your family and loved ones focusing on what’s important—worshipping the Savior, helping others, and enjoying the blessings God has given you.  


As Christmas approaches, stress levels tend to rise. We get caught up with all of the events and shopping and expectations and activity. It’s easy to lose focus of what matters most! 

To help you and your family in this area, FamilyLife would like to give you a free ebook called Celebrate Christmas.

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